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Cake Creation

We just love mixing together the best of ingredients using sweet butter for our home made buttercream, Belgian (Calbaut) dark chocolate cacao on our  fudgecake and organic lemons for the lemon curd. We do not use preservatives or chemical additives and as a licensed bakery we follow the Haccp program for sanitary regulations. Our cakes are baked using traditional baking techniques . This is what goes on behind the scenes that you don't see! After the mixing, whipping, baking and assembling comes the fun part of decorating each cake to the clients unique  design. Once the cake is covered in fondant or butter cream, we dedicate our time to the decorating process design, which can take anywhere from several hours to over a  2 day period.

Cake structure

All our cakes are made according to your preference and number of people.  We can create  a 5-tier wedding cake  even if you are in 40 people using fake tiers  This has a separate cost depending on the structure and decorations entailed . We can also create a three tier  for 150 people , and make several sheet cakes on the side  to keep in the kitchen . Thi solution will  reduce the price .

Gluten free

Gluten free cakes are available by special request for smaller cakes only. This is because the texture of gluten free cakes do not hold up as well as normal cake this holds true especially for cakes covered in fondant.

 Since our cakes are baked fresh, we require a 1 week notice for a tasting, which sould be paid in advance and costs € 35,00 for 2 people including water, coffee and 3 flavour combinations, which can be chosen from our flavour menu. We suggest no more than 3 people at a tasting.  If you need to re-book your appointment please give us a 48 hour notice. Cancellation should be made 3 days in advance by e-mail and deposit is not refundable.
When to order your cake
Since we do not do more 2 wedding cakes in one day we recommend booking your cake as early as possible during the busier months from April
through September. It would be best to order at least 6 months prior to the wedding as bookings are taken on first - come, first -serve basis . 



Our cakes start at € 6,50 per person and up, depending on the details and decoration of the cake from simple to complex. To reduce costs,  we can also supplement the wedding cake with sheet cakes although  we do not make only sheet cakes for weddings. Our minimum order for a wedding cake is  a 2 tier cake feeding 30 people. In order to save the date for your cake we require a 30% non-refundable deposit, the final payment is  6 weeks prior to the events.  We accept payment though bank draft, Pay-pal, or cash.


Cancellations should be made in writing, with at least an 8 weeks notice. The deposit is non-refundable and any specially ordered item or work undertaken will be charged accordingly.


Cake alterations should be made no later than 1 month prior the date of wedding. Any alterations that affects the cost of cake  will be added to the final balance of the cost of the cake. Since decorations on cakes require  time , for this reason we ask that changes be made ​​not less than one month prior to the event and should  be confirmed in writing or by e-mail at

Delivery & Destination Wedding Cakes

We provide  a delivery service to your venue. The cost of this service depends on the distance from Florence to the venue and incudes our time setting up the final decorated cake. The majority of our cake tiers are delivered separately and assembled on site. For this reason we deliver all our cakes personally assembling the tiers , piping borders, placing the flowers and adding all the finishing touches on site. Prior to all our deliveries we laise with the venue to ensure that cake table and cake stand are ready for us.  Considering the warm weather here, our cakes are usually set up 40 minutes prior to the cutting of the cake. For safety precautions those wishing to keep the cake out on display during the reception are asked to sign a paper for full responsability. Once the cake is on the table we are not liable for any damages thereather.


Our cakes can be delivered throughout Tuscany and beyond! We have delivered to Como, Rome, Bologna etc. For deliveries outside of Tuscany  minimum order is € 1000,00 excluding delivery which varies depending on the location. We do not deliver to the islands unless we are provided with a kitchen on site.

For deliveries otside Tuscany we need confirmation at least  8 months in advance.

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